NFT marketplace UI/UX design

In our practice we figured out that marketplaces should look both light and easy to use, yet trustful and solid. In each case we research, find and create UI/UX with that balance in mind to ensure maximal success for our clients. We provide:
  • Niche benchmarking and UX Research

  • Site mapping and Structure prototyping

  • Responsive UI design and Style guide


Promo website
to promote NFT collections

There are hell a lot of NFT collections in the market, we help you stand out with vivid and eye-catching Promo Website. Your NFT collection landing page needs to shine in order to bring new investors, we bring that shine through careful work that is carried out with a highly creative and interactive approach. We provide:
  • Niche benchmarking and UX research

  • Responsive UI design

  • Webflow development and website launching


Presentation, pitch deck

Pitch Decks are an essential part of the project's overall success, as they are keys to investors' decision to support your startup. A comprehensive, simple, informative business-style presentation can bring you to the desired investors. We provide:
  • Understanding your existing style guide

  • New style guide (if required or if you haven't yet)

  • Creating your pich deck for presentation


Design support

Most of the current design studios have one time approach, they start with creativity, enthusiasm, they bring you a good design piece and are gone, or tired to carry out the boring technical design support, meaning the small detailed pop-ups, new elements and etc. Our main advantage is that we are ready to support you throughout the whole stage of your project, not just the beginning. We provide:
  • Understanding your existing designs and guides

  • Design support / per your needs and tasks